Lymphatic Drainage Massage


What  is Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

Most of us don’t think at all about our lymphatic systems. But if you deal with sinus pain, swelling in your hands or feet, recovering from a contusion or surgery, or feel sluggish or bloated, you are experiencing the effects of a stagnant lymphatic system .Your lymphatic system facilitates the removal of excess water, wastes, toxins, and foreign substances from your body tissues. It is also responsible for identifying, containing, and destroying disease-producing microorganisms in the body. It is made up of capillaries, vessels, lymph nodes, organs and bone marrow.

During the massage, the lymph nodes are gently “pumped” releasing blockages from accumulated waste. The elimination of toxins is then encouraged with a massage specifically designed with the correct pressure and direction to stimulate the flow of the lymphatic fluid. You may experience a decrease in swelling, bloating, sinus pressure, and a lighter, cleaner feeling overall. Help move your stagnant energy by moving your lymphatic flow. Lymphatic Drainage Massage is very gentle, rhythmic, and extremely relaxing.

Aroma Lymphatic Drainage Massage      60 min   $ 90