We provide a calming approach to epilating. The healing virtues of our pure honey wax have been recognized for at least 4,000 years. Its antiseptic qualities were known to the Egyptians. As a matter of fact, this knowledge lasted up to World War II, up until the birth of antibiotics.

Our Azulen wax is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent drawn from the flowery German chamomile, also called ‘Matricaire’. Numerous experiments clearly proved its undeniable efficiency for various skin inflammations such as eczema and urticaria in particular. We do NOT double dip for Underarms, Bikini or Brazilian waxing to avoid all contamination and we reassure our clients that our wax services are the best in the city.


Waxing Price

Ear                            $5

Nose                         $6

Upper Lip                   $8

Chin                          $8

Cheek                      $10

Eyebrow                   $10

Full Face                  $24

Under Arms              $15

Half Arms                 $20

Full Arms                 $28

Bikini                       $18 & up

Playboy                    $35

Brazilian                   $40

Half Legs                  $28

Full Legs                  $45

Stomach                  $12

Back                       $42

Chest Belly              $50

Full Body Wax        $125